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Three Reasons Why You Should Definitely Visit Iceland

Three Reasons Why You Should Definitely Visit Iceland

The country of Iceland has been known to most as the place where Nordic Vikings used to reside. A land that was filled with some of the fiercest and merciless warriors the world has ever known. 

And now, it’s home to the most eco-friendly activities out there, as well as the largest glaciers in all of Europe and the most active volcanoes. This is why it’s called “The Land of Fire and Ice.” 

But not a lot of people are buying into that, so to get you more interested, here are three reasons as to why you should definitely visit the green plains of Iceland! 

Breathtaking waterfalls. 

I know what you’re thinking. “Why would I want to go to Iceland just to see a waterfall?” And though you do have a point with that, here’s why you should definitely check out the waterfalls here. 

The waterfalls in Iceland are moire extravagant, more beautiful, and just overall a better sight to see than your usual waterfalls. A couple of noteworthy ones to check out are Gullfoss, which can be seen in the canyon of Hvita, and Haifoss which is located near the volcano Heklai in Southern Iceland

These waterfalls are a sight to behold, so trust me when I say this, they are definitely a good reason to visit Iceland! 

The Northern Lights. 

There is no better place to experience the Northern Lights than in the lands of Iceland. And that should be more than enough reason to visit. 

As we all know, the Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon that involves heat, cold, and just an overall right atmosphere. And there is no other place in the world, other than Sweden probably, where you can see the overall beauty of the Northern Lights. 

It’s a natural phenomenon that everyone wishes to experience, so take a trip to Iceland to get the best out of that experience! 

The Blue Lagoon. 

Perhaps the most famous attraction in Iceland, and the number one thing it’s known for right now in the modern world. The Blue Lagoon is a unique experience that everyone wants a piece of! 

You’ve probably seen it on Instagram somewhere, but the Blue Lagoon is a geothermal pool that captivates everybody that dip in it. It’s a huge and warm body of water that has an alluring pure blue color to it. And though it may be packed, for the most part, it’s definitely one worth waiting in line for as it’s probably the best attraction you’ll ever get to experience, and only in Iceland! 

So if you’re thinking that Iceland is just a cold place filled with nothing but snow and ice everywhere, then you’re sadly mistaken. And the Blue Lagoon is proof of that! 


Iceland is a country with some of the most gorgeous and jaw-dropping natural sites you could ever see. With huge glaciers, massive volcanoes everywhere, the Northern Lights, and spectacles like the Blue Lagoon. It’s no longer a question of why you should visit Iceland, but a question of when you’ll visit it! …

The Three Best Things to Do in Greece

The Three Best Things to Do in Greece

There is no other place in the world that has been fantasized or mysteized more than than the country of Greece, and with good reason too. 

This is because the country of Greece has been infused with much of the foundations that built modern society. From philosophy, math, art, to architecture, politics, and so much more. The point is, that Greek culture is one that encapsulated the world and is still doing so now. 

Because of that, the country of Greece has long been considered a tourist favorite for vacations. So to help with yours, here are three of the best things you can do in Greece! 

Climb Mount Olympus. 

The Kingdom of the Gods is actually pretty accessible to all that visit Greece. And it’s a mountain everybody can climb as well. 

We all know that Mount Olympus is just one of the great mysteries that Greece has given the world. The supposed realm of the Gods is actually an enormous mountain that overlooks most of Greece. And this is why it’s a must to climb when you get the chance to visit the country. 

Just know that it is pretty high, so make sure you had some preparation before you start hiking it. But once you do, you can only look forward and reach the pinnacle in order to see that one of a kind view. 

Check-in at Santorini. 

Santorini is the place that we’ve all probably seen by now. A beautiful village type place that people can actually check-in to and admire the place in all its beauty. 

It’s the island for all honeymooners, so if you’re looking to spend some quality time with a loved one, then this is the place to go. It’s a small village that has white walls on every building and blue roofs. This signifies Greece’s royalty and sophistication, which make it a luxurious getaway

You can also explore the island yourself and revel at the beautiful architecture the brilliant Greeks from the past left us and has now been remodeled into a more modern setting. 

Relax on Balos Beach. 

After a full day of exploring the islands of Greece, climbing mountains, venturing caves, and visiting historic monuments, you deserve a little relaxation along the beach. 

And there is no better beach in Greece, than on Balos Beach. It’s a beach covered in blue lagoons that would open up to the big blue itself. Along with that, you’ll also be able to see a plethora of underwater life, ones that you never thought you’d see. 

So if you’re looking to spend the day sunbathing along the white shores of Greece, then come and check out Balos Beach. It’ll be worth the trip, trust me! 


The country of Greece is a land full of mysteries, and adventure. It’s the land where the Greek Gods flourished, philosophy came from, democracy born, and life as we know it changed forever. So if you’re looking to check this place out, now you know exactly what to do. …

Here are Three Reasons Why You Should Definitely Visit Argentina.

Here are Three Reasons Why You Should Definitely Visit Argentina.

The country that introduced the world to the ever so seducing tango, along with some spectacular landscapes and mouthwatering dishes. Argentina is a country you should definitely visit! 

But there is more to this great country than food and dance because here, you will be able to experience passion on another level. Though some of the people here may be hot-blooded, it is only because of their burning passion, and that is already one reason to visit the country! 

So get ready to go on an adventure unlike any other. Because Argentina is the type of country that will embrace you until you embrace it back. Here, are the three main reasons why you should definitely visit Argentina. 

#1 Discover tango yet again. 

Nothing screams passion and seduction like the dance of tango. It is the dance that overtook the world thanks to its very sensual movements and a dance that requires the two parties to have near intimate moments with each other. 

So once you visit Buenos Aires, be sure to attend at least one or two dance classes for tango, as here, you will be able to experience a passion unlike any other. 

Tango is a dance made for couples, in order to bring that burning passion out of each other. So get ready to spark a new light between you and your partner’s love life. 

#2 Hike a glacier. 

To most, it would come as a surprise that for a city this hot and passionate, glaciers would be a tourist attraction. Yet it is, and you can do more than just stare at them when you’re in Patagonia

To be exact, in this city, you can hike Perito Moreno. A huge glacier spanning 35km in length and has a depth of 180m of ice. It’s roughly the size of the whole city of Buenos Aires really. 

So once you’re in Patagonia, this glacier is definitely a hike not to be missed! It’s a great activity, as well as one of the few places in Argentina where you’ll ever feel cold again! 

#3 Watch a football match. 

For a lot of Argentinians, Football is more than just a sport, it is a way of life. And here, you will be able to that people live and breathe football as if it were the only thing in their lives. 

It is the national sport being played all across the cities, and when it’s finally time for the professionals to play, you will be thrown into an audience like no other. 

People here are as passionate about football as they are religious, so make sure to catch a game or two to see just how much these people love the sport! And who knows, you might even start to love it yourself! 


The country of Argentina is a country of passion. Filled with breathtaking landscapes and mouthwatering food, it is a country where you will be able to find peace all the while living with hot-blooded Argentinians. From the dance of Tango to hiking glaciers, and watching or even playing football, the country of Argentina is ready to embrace you with a warmth you may have never known! …

The Best Cities to Visit in the U.K.

The Best Cities to Visit in the U.K.

The United Kingdom is made up of the countries, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. This makes it a pretty diverse set of personalities, and history as well. They are a group of small countries, that have left a great impact on the rest of the world. Especially England, as a lot of people know them as one of the main reasons we have our modern world today. But despite history, in modern times, the United Kingdom is filled with so many things to do and places to visit. So how do you decide which things to do first? 

Well, let’s start with the best cities that you can visit in the U.K. So without further ado, let’s get started! 


Without a doubt, the number one place everybody should visit in the U.K. is the city of London. There are more than enough things to do here, so let’s list down some of those to help you out. You can go ahead and visit the Tower of London for a quick history lesson into the city and the U.K as well. It’s located near the River Themes, so that is also another tourist destination to visit. Now, if you want to visit the royals of the country, such as the Queen, then you can go ahead and visit Buckingham Palace, just remember to be respectful to the guards and staff over there. 

And those are just a few of the things you can do in good old London. It’s probably the most modern and urban city in all of the U.K so make sure to not get lost along the way! 


The capital city of Scotland does not fall far behind London itself! And is also considered to be one of the most visited tourist destinations in all of the U.K as well! This is due to the fact that the city has done well in preserving many of its medieval castles that attract a lot of travelers to learn more about the country’s history. And the most famous attraction of them all is definitely the Edinburgh castle which is located at the very top of an already extinct volcano and houses some of the best medieval themes in the world. 

So if you’re looking for that thrill of adventure and mysticism, then Scotland is the place for you! Specifically, Edinburgh of course. 


Even though the country of Wales is a lot smaller than England and Scotland, it still boasts some of the U.K’s best and most breathtaking tourist attractions. From wandering the incredible scenery to having fun with some outdoor activities, it is definitely a city worth exploring! And to begin your adventure, you should visit Cardiff Castle, which is located in the middle of the city and is a great source of history and an unforgettable landmark. 


The U.K is known for its amazing and breathtaking sceneries, but also for their urban and modern cities. And what better place to start your journey all throughout the Kingdom, than these great cities! So make sure to visit them while you’re in the area, to get the most out of the United Kingdom.…

The Best Cities You Could Possibly Visit in Arizona

The Best Cities You Could Possibly Visit in Arizona

When you hear the word Arizona, what usually comes to mind is: HOT! Right? Well, there is no doubt about it that Arizona is one of the hottest states in America. But it is also one of the most beautiful thanks to all the natural landscapes and bustling cities. 

Speaking of cities, if you’re planning on going through this great state, then you are going to need a guide out there, right? Well, lucky for you you’re started reading this article! Because now, we’re about to let you know about the best cities for you to visit in Arizona. 


The number one city you will need to visit while you’re in Arizona, is without a doubt, Phoenix. It is the capital of the state, the heart, and soul of Arizona, and is actually one of the best cities you could possibly visit in America. And there are good reasons for that really! 

Phoenix is a great city to go to because it is also nicknamed the Valley of the Sun, thanks to the fact that all year round you’ll be able to get nothing but the warm and beautiful sun. It is a great city filled with so much culture and is the economic heart of the state as well! So you know it’ll be a busy stay with all the museums and restaurants that are available to you! 


The second city you will need to visit in this state is actually the second largest one! The city of Tucson is here to give you an absolute pool of cultures thanks to all the theaters, restaurants, museums, and various people that come from all around the globe! 

And more than that, if you are young, this is the place for you next to Phoenix of course. Because there is a surprising amount of young people thanks to the University of Arizona. So you’ll also be able to mingle and create new friends when you’re in town! 

Finally, although the city has a great urban setting, the surrounding environment and nature is nothing to scoff at. You will be astounded as to how you’ll be able to see hills upon hills surrounding the city. All of which, you can actually climb yourself! 


Now, if what you want is a peaceful and harmonious experience in the state of Arizona. Then the city of Sedona is the place just for you! 

With an unrivaled view that surrounds the city, you will find yourself gasping a lot and wanting to climb along the mountains every single day. It is a beautiful city filled with so many activities for you to do like mountain biking and hiking. So if that’s more your style then you know the city for you. 


The state of Arizona has a lot going for it. It is a great and magnificent state with some of the best and most breathtaking views you will ever experience. And though it is a bit hot, that is a good thing! Because here, you will learn to truly appreciate that sun of ours. …

Why Your Next U.S Visit Should Be San Francisco.

Why Your Next U.S Visit Should Be San Francisco.

The Golden City, San Francisco. Something about that nickname can really make you feel proud of the place you came from, doesn’t it? Well, you have every right to be! But so should the ones who have actually visited the great city! With tourist attractions practically everywhere, you would think that that is all the city has to offer. But more than those amazing sights to see, there are a bunch more reason to see Frisco, and here are some of those said reasons. 

The Oysters. 

Every city has its staple food that really put it in the map. For Frisco’s case, it would be the oysters. And let me tell you, they are something everybody should be able to taste at least once in their life. You heard me, not just when you visit the city, but once in every person’s life. But you might be wondering what this guy you’ve never met before is even saying? Well, here’s the deal, you know how San Francisco is surrounded by water? Well, that makes it a great spot for all fishermen. And because of that, all throughout the years, these fishermen were able to haul in a lot of crabs, mussels, and a variety of other crustaceans. But oysters, are the golden boy in these waters. And to get the best oysters, you can get them from the Oyster Depot on Polk, and the S.F Chronicle.

The Golden Gate Bridge. 

Now, no visit to this great city would be complete without being able to go to Golden Gate Bridge itself. Spanning nearly 9,000 feet long, this great wonder is a staple in the Golden City. How do you think it got its nickname? Well, though it isn’t really because of the bridge, it’s still an amazing spectacle every tourist should be able to walk on. Sure, it’ll take you around two hours to go to one end and back, and yes that does sound like it’s a lot of walking. But with sights like Alcatraz island, the churning water below, the wind blowing through your hair, and the sun just beaming down on your back, those two hours would probably be the fastest you will ever have in your life.  

Tiki Culture. 

Tiki culture? What is that? Well, Tiki culture is what other people may refer to as polynesian culture. It just has more ring to it, that’s why they chose that name. Anyway, so what if there’s Tiki Culture here? Well, you see after being extinct in the late 90’s, the culture is finally coming back stronger than ever. This is because the people of San Francisco have been looking for a certain tropical thrill, and what better way to do so than bringing the culture near your doorstep? With Polynesian pop everywhere around the corner in San Francisco, you’ll find yourself wanting to live that tropical life pretty often. 


San Francisco is a city of various cultures and breathtaking sights. This article does not do it enough justice, especially with how the environment and atmosphere is so unique and vibrant there. Truly, if you want to live an adventurous life, then try and visit the City by the Bay for you to live life to the fullest. …

The Most Underrated American Cities

The Most Underrated American Cities


Sure, we all know about New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Seattle. But when it comes to the vast land that is America, that’s just the tip-of-the-iceberg. There’s nearly unlimited things to do and places to see in America, and we’ve listed a few here for your next out-of-the-box vacation! 

Underrated Cities Across America 

Portland, Maine 

No, not that Portland. Portland, Maine, set atop beautiful Casco Bay, offers a seaside experience like little else in the Continental US. Get a taste of the sea with abundant fishing wharves, and even restaurants built in the likenesses of old warehouses. Hit up the Western Promenade, an incredible park 18 acres wide that’s officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places. If you want a break from the hustle-and-bustle, head there and just disconnect for a while! 

Burlington, Vermont 

On the crest of Lake Champlain, Burlington has a little bit of everything. Church Street Marketplace, for example, is four blocks of true Vermont shopping and eating, all outdoor, along truly wonderful and serene walking paths. After you get your fill of food and shopping, head to the Ethan Allen Homestead Museum, a house-museum originally built by Ethan Allen, a Revolutionary War Hero. Even more history and culture can be sought out at the nearby Shelburne Museum, just outside of Burligton. Over 150,000 artworks are spread across nearly forty buildings for your viewing pleasure. That’s right – 45 acres of art. I’d recommend bringing some good-quality walking shoes. 

San Antonio, Texas 

It’s easy to get overshadowed in Texas — after all, everything is bigger there, right? Dallas, Houston, and Austin are probably what comes to mind first when you think of Texas. But San Antonio is quite the attraction in itself. It’s the home of the Alamo, a now-museum paying homage to Texans’ fight for independence from Mexico in the mid 1800s. After you get your fill of history, walk along the serene San Antonio River, an iconic body of water that eventually extends into the Guadalupe River. When you’re done with that, throw a rock and you’ll hit any number of finger-licking authentic BBQ joints. What a day!


Sure – hit the big cities. But after that, make some time for the salt-of-the-earth that encompasses so much of what we call America. Whether it be hitting up the Alamo in San Antonio or strolling along Church Street Marketplace in the cool Vermont weather, there’s nothing better than exploring the nooks and crannies of the US.…

miamis best coffe shops

Miami’s Best Cuban Coffee

No tour of Cuban Miami is complete without trying some authentic Cuban coffee. For those
uninitiated, Cuban coffee is served in small quantities – because of its big power, high caffeine
content, and strong taste. One small espresso cup of authentic Cuban coffee is enough to jolt you
into tomorrow if you’re not careful!

Why Miami?
Miami itself is a hotbed for Cuban culture. Located just about as close to Cuba as you can get
from the continental US, Miami offers everything from hearty and authentic Cuban sandwiches
to what we’re here for, the deliciously strong and compact Cuban coffee. If you’re looking for a
little Havana in the heart of Florida, you’ve absolutely got to check out these places!

Try The Coffee!
Islas Canarias
‘Café Cubano’ is an important part of Cuban culture and is prominent in social gatherings. For
an authentic experience, you’ve got to try Islas Canarias, located conveniently in the heart of
Miami. You’ll probably be greeted with a wait at this incredibly popular Cuban destination, but
it’s definitely worth it here! Islas Canarias is an all-day restaurant serving delicious breakfast,
lunch, and dinner…and of course, Cuban coffee whenever you want. Go here for an all-around
Cuban meal experience.

Puerto Sagua
Sandwiches and coffee are an incredible pair, aren’t they? If that sounds good to you, you’ll find
it here. Puerto Sagua boasts hearty traditional Cuban Sandwich to appease any appetite – or try a
thick beef stew in the ‘colder’ months. To top it off, Puerto Sagua offers a deliciously unique
Cuban coffee at a reasonable price.

La Colada Gourmet
Dubbed ‘The House of Cuban Coffee,’ La Colada Gourmet certainly lives up the hype. Open
10am to 8pm, you won’t be able to get a super-early or super-late shot of caffeine, but one can’t
complain too much with the quality of the coffee available during business hours. Though small,
with limited seating, La Colada Gourmet offers a flavor and caffeine punch that is anything but!
If you’re on the lookout for the one true authentic Cuban coffee experience, this place may well
be it.
If you’re a coffee-lover, you’ve got to try Cuban coffee. It’s unique, always presented well, and
strong enough to get a kick to even the most season of coffee drinkers. Throw a rock and you’ll
hit a Cuban coffee emporium in Miami and Little Havana. And yes, that’s a good thing! One
parting tip – just start with one cup. It can be a lot stronger than you think!…