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Miami’s Best Cuban Coffee

No tour of Cuban Miami is complete without trying some authentic Cuban coffee. For those
uninitiated, Cuban coffee is served in small quantities – because of its big power, high caffeine
content, and strong taste. One small espresso cup of authentic Cuban coffee is enough to jolt you
into tomorrow if you’re not careful!

Why Miami?
Miami itself is a hotbed for Cuban culture. Located just about as close to Cuba as you can get
from the continental US, Miami offers everything from hearty and authentic Cuban sandwiches
to what we’re here for, the deliciously strong and compact Cuban coffee. If you’re looking for a
little Havana in the heart of Florida, you’ve absolutely got to check out these places!

Try The Coffee!
Islas Canarias
‘Café Cubano’ is an important part of Cuban culture and is prominent in social gatherings. For
an authentic experience, you’ve got to try Islas Canarias, located conveniently in the heart of
Miami. You’ll probably be greeted with a wait at this incredibly popular Cuban destination, but
it’s definitely worth it here! Islas Canarias is an all-day restaurant serving delicious breakfast,
lunch, and dinner…and of course, Cuban coffee whenever you want. Go here for an all-around
Cuban meal experience.

Puerto Sagua
Sandwiches and coffee are an incredible pair, aren’t they? If that sounds good to you, you’ll find
it here. Puerto Sagua boasts hearty traditional Cuban Sandwich to appease any appetite – or try a
thick beef stew in the ‘colder’ months. To top it off, Puerto Sagua offers a deliciously unique
Cuban coffee at a reasonable price.

La Colada Gourmet
Dubbed ‘The House of Cuban Coffee,’ La Colada Gourmet certainly lives up the hype. Open
10am to 8pm, you won’t be able to get a super-early or super-late shot of caffeine, but one can’t
complain too much with the quality of the coffee available during business hours. Though small,
with limited seating, La Colada Gourmet offers a flavor and caffeine punch that is anything but!
If you’re on the lookout for the one true authentic Cuban coffee experience, this place may well
be it.
If you’re a coffee-lover, you’ve got to try Cuban coffee. It’s unique, always presented well, and
strong enough to get a kick to even the most season of coffee drinkers. Throw a rock and you’ll
hit a Cuban coffee emporium in Miami and Little Havana. And yes, that’s a good thing! One
parting tip – just start with one cup. It can be a lot stronger than you think!