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Why Your Next U.S Visit Should Be San Francisco.

Why Your Next U.S Visit Should Be San Francisco.

The Golden City, San Francisco. Something about that nickname can really make you feel proud of the place you came from, doesn’t it? Well, you have every right to be! But so should the ones who have actually visited the great city! With tourist attractions practically everywhere, you would think that that is all the city has to offer. But more than those amazing sights to see, there are a bunch more reason to see Frisco, and here are some of those said reasons. 

The Oysters. 

Every city has its staple food that really put it in the map. For Frisco’s case, it would be the oysters. And let me tell you, they are something everybody should be able to taste at least once in their life. You heard me, not just when you visit the city, but once in every person’s life. But you might be wondering what this guy you’ve never met before is even saying? Well, here’s the deal, you know how San Francisco is surrounded by water? Well, that makes it a great spot for all fishermen. And because of that, all throughout the years, these fishermen were able to haul in a lot of crabs, mussels, and a variety of other crustaceans. But oysters, are the golden boy in these waters. And to get the best oysters, you can get them from the Oyster Depot on Polk, and the S.F Chronicle.

The Golden Gate Bridge. 

Now, no visit to this great city would be complete without being able to go to Golden Gate Bridge itself. Spanning nearly 9,000 feet long, this great wonder is a staple in the Golden City. How do you think it got its nickname? Well, though it isn’t really because of the bridge, it’s still an amazing spectacle every tourist should be able to walk on. Sure, it’ll take you around two hours to go to one end and back, and yes that does sound like it’s a lot of walking. But with sights like Alcatraz island, the churning water below, the wind blowing through your hair, and the sun just beaming down on your back, those two hours would probably be the fastest you will ever have in your life.  

Tiki Culture. 

Tiki culture? What is that? Well, Tiki culture is what other people may refer to as polynesian culture. It just has more ring to it, that’s why they chose that name. Anyway, so what if there’s Tiki Culture here? Well, you see after being extinct in the late 90’s, the culture is finally coming back stronger than ever. This is because the people of San Francisco have been looking for a certain tropical thrill, and what better way to do so than bringing the culture near your doorstep? With Polynesian pop everywhere around the corner in San Francisco, you’ll find yourself wanting to live that tropical life pretty often. 


San Francisco is a city of various cultures and breathtaking sights. This article does not do it enough justice, especially with how the environment and atmosphere is so unique and vibrant there. Truly, if you want to live an adventurous life, then try and visit the City by the Bay for you to live life to the fullest. …