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Here are Three Reasons Why You Should Definitely Visit Argentina.

Here are Three Reasons Why You Should Definitely Visit Argentina.

The country that introduced the world to the ever so seducing tango, along with some spectacular landscapes and mouthwatering dishes. Argentina is a country you should definitely visit! 

But there is more to this great country than food and dance because here, you will be able to experience passion on another level. Though some of the people here may be hot-blooded, it is only because of their burning passion, and that is already one reason to visit the country! 

So get ready to go on an adventure unlike any other. Because Argentina is the type of country that will embrace you until you embrace it back. Here, are the three main reasons why you should definitely visit Argentina. 

#1 Discover tango yet again. 

Nothing screams passion and seduction like the dance of tango. It is the dance that overtook the world thanks to its very sensual movements and a dance that requires the two parties to have near intimate moments with each other. 

So once you visit Buenos Aires, be sure to attend at least one or two dance classes for tango, as here, you will be able to experience a passion unlike any other. 

Tango is a dance made for couples, in order to bring that burning passion out of each other. So get ready to spark a new light between you and your partner’s love life. 

#2 Hike a glacier. 

To most, it would come as a surprise that for a city this hot and passionate, glaciers would be a tourist attraction. Yet it is, and you can do more than just stare at them when you’re in Patagonia

To be exact, in this city, you can hike Perito Moreno. A huge glacier spanning 35km in length and has a depth of 180m of ice. It’s roughly the size of the whole city of Buenos Aires really. 

So once you’re in Patagonia, this glacier is definitely a hike not to be missed! It’s a great activity, as well as one of the few places in Argentina where you’ll ever feel cold again! 

#3 Watch a football match. 

For a lot of Argentinians, Football is more than just a sport, it is a way of life. And here, you will be able to that people live and breathe football as if it were the only thing in their lives. 

It is the national sport being played all across the cities, and when it’s finally time for the professionals to play, you will be thrown into an audience like no other. 

People here are as passionate about football as they are religious, so make sure to catch a game or two to see just how much these people love the sport! And who knows, you might even start to love it yourself! 


The country of Argentina is a country of passion. Filled with breathtaking landscapes and mouthwatering food, it is a country where you will be able to find peace all the while living with hot-blooded Argentinians. From the dance of Tango to hiking glaciers, and watching or even playing football, the country of Argentina is ready to embrace you with a warmth you may have never known! …