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Three Reasons Why You Should Definitely Visit Iceland

Three Reasons Why You Should Definitely Visit Iceland

The country of Iceland has been known to most as the place where Nordic Vikings used to reside. A land that was filled with some of the fiercest and merciless warriors the world has ever known. 

And now, it’s home to the most eco-friendly activities out there, as well as the largest glaciers in all of Europe and the most active volcanoes. This is why it’s called “The Land of Fire and Ice.” 

But not a lot of people are buying into that, so to get you more interested, here are three reasons as to why you should definitely visit the green plains of Iceland! 

Breathtaking waterfalls. 

I know what you’re thinking. “Why would I want to go to Iceland just to see a waterfall?” And though you do have a point with that, here’s why you should definitely check out the waterfalls here. 

The waterfalls in Iceland are moire extravagant, more beautiful, and just overall a better sight to see than your usual waterfalls. A couple of noteworthy ones to check out are Gullfoss, which can be seen in the canyon of Hvita, and Haifoss which is located near the volcano Heklai in Southern Iceland

These waterfalls are a sight to behold, so trust me when I say this, they are definitely a good reason to visit Iceland! 

The Northern Lights. 

There is no better place to experience the Northern Lights than in the lands of Iceland. And that should be more than enough reason to visit. 

As we all know, the Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon that involves heat, cold, and just an overall right atmosphere. And there is no other place in the world, other than Sweden probably, where you can see the overall beauty of the Northern Lights. 

It’s a natural phenomenon that everyone wishes to experience, so take a trip to Iceland to get the best out of that experience! 

The Blue Lagoon. 

Perhaps the most famous attraction in Iceland, and the number one thing it’s known for right now in the modern world. The Blue Lagoon is a unique experience that everyone wants a piece of! 

You’ve probably seen it on Instagram somewhere, but the Blue Lagoon is a geothermal pool that captivates everybody that dip in it. It’s a huge and warm body of water that has an alluring pure blue color to it. And though it may be packed, for the most part, it’s definitely one worth waiting in line for as it’s probably the best attraction you’ll ever get to experience, and only in Iceland! 

So if you’re thinking that Iceland is just a cold place filled with nothing but snow and ice everywhere, then you’re sadly mistaken. And the Blue Lagoon is proof of that! 


Iceland is a country with some of the most gorgeous and jaw-dropping natural sites you could ever see. With huge glaciers, massive volcanoes everywhere, the Northern Lights, and spectacles like the Blue Lagoon. It’s no longer a question of why you should visit Iceland, but a question of when you’ll visit it! …